API Reference

It is our Application Programming Interfaces (API) repository, where you will be able to interact directly with all the information you need to integrate with Pomelo.

Our APIs are REST type and have self-explanatory URLs. They accept request bodies and return JSON-encoded responses, use HTTP standard response codes, authentication and request methods.

You will need to generate a JWT token to interact with the APIs: Use the data we will share with you and follow the Authorization steps

We have three types of environments available on Pomelo:

  • Production: the environment used by Pomelo customers to manage their daily operations.
  • Stage: a pre-production environment that Pomelo customers can access when they start the integration process.
  • Sandbox: an environment in which all people who want to try out the Pomelo APIs, can simulate the use of our products, for free.

Base URL of each environment



Do you want to learn more about our products?

In the documentation you will find in a simple format all the details about the services we offer, how they work and how you can integrate them.Access Docs